How to Prevent Getting Scammed By Cash for Cars Companies in Blacktown?

The idea of getting scammed will always be scary, irrespective of the context. It makes you feel not just gullible, but also it exposes you as an ignorant individual who could easily fall for the tricks of others to lose cash or property. With regards to cash for cars in Blacktown, not all the companies are genuine and would be willing to pay you top dollars for your car.
As an owner, you should be on the lookout at all times and know when something is fishy and here are some of the ways you can tell whether you are in the process of getting scammed by the car removal companies:

You are being told the value of your car is zero

This is the first indication that you are dealing with a scam cash for Car Company. There is just no way how your car can be zero in terms of cost. Yes, it can be very old and sometimes in inoperable condition, but this is never the basis or a justification for a zero valuation. Your desire is to sell the car for top dollars and your interest should be in finding a company that will be offering good rates and so you should never entertain anyone telling you that your car is worth nothing.

You are asked to pay for towing fees in Blacktown

The second way to know that a cash for car company is Blacktown is about to scam you is when you are requested to pay the towing fees. This would be understandable if they were a scrap metal company. But for car removal, the removal services are normally free and no cent should be demanded from you. If they insist that you have to pay for the towing, then simply bow out and continue with your search for a company that offers free towing in Blacktown.

You are asked to accept payment at a later date

Finally, cash for cars services pay instantly and you should never negotiate to accept the pay on any other day before or other than the actual day of removal. By the time they are loading your car onto their tow truck, they should have made payment and you shall have signed the necessary papers to let them take possession of your car. But if you sign the papers and they don’t pay instantly, it may be very difficult to prove that you were actually not paid and you may end up losing your car just like that.

Call Cash for Cars Blacktown today at 0449 198 516 for genuine, reliable and hassle free car removal services.

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