What to Do with Your Vehicle That No Longer Runs

When your vehicle no longer runs and is not worth repairing, can you still make cash on its sale? You do have different selling options that may bring anywhere from $50 to a few thousand dollars.

Scrap vehicle owners have two options:

1. To contact a removal car company.
2. To take their vehicle to a wrecking yard.

So, what is the difference in the two?

Wrecking Yards

Wrecking yards policies vary. You’ll find that some only accept certain models & makes while others will accept any vehicle. However, to accept your vehicle, you will have to prep your vehicle, as well as tow it to the company. Prepping the vehicle includes draining all the fluids, fuels and liquids, and removing or flattening the tyres. Once prepared, you then have to transport the vehicle.
Some wrecking yards will make a cash offer on the vehicle while others only offer the service for a free disposal.

Car Removal Companies

Car removal companies also referred to as Cash for Scrap Cars Companies, are the most convenient means to get rid of your scrap auto. The companies offer many advantages that include paying cash on the spot, and offering to come to your location and remove the scrap auto at no cost. There is no preparing the vehicle, and having to pay a towing service to transport the vehicle to their wrecking yard.

Of the two options, the car removal company is most often the best choice as auto owners receive:

• Instant cash payments
• Free car removals
• No heavy work

How Car Removal Services Work

Car removal services are founded on the easiest concept. The removal services are professional businesses that buy used & scrap cars to resell and recycle. The company should be one that is fully licenced as a used auto trader and wrecker.

Vehicle owners simply contact the business to obtain a cash quote. Typically, the removal service will offer the ability to obtain a quote over the phone, or through their web page. The details of the vehicle including make, model, year, condition, vehicle identification number and odometer reading will need to be provided. With that, a quote will be provided. Some companies may require that the vehicle owner schedules a time that they can inspect the vehicle, prior to offering a quote.

Once a quote is accepted, the company will then ask for a convenient time to come to remove the car. Here, again you will find that the policies in car removals will vary from company to company. Some will offer to remove the vehicle the same day that you accept their offer. Some will schedule car removals further out.

You’ll also find payment processes may vary. Most of these services work on a cash for scrap cars basis. The cash payments will be paid at the time of the vehicle removal.

How To Sell Your Car To A Car Removal Service

To sell your vehicle to a Car Removal Service, you will need to contact local services in your area. Here, the Internet is one of the best options as you’ll be offered different companies that you can research. Complete a search by entering “Cash for Scrap Cars” and your local area in your browser.

Once you have completed your search, then begin to research.

What to Look for in a Car Removal Company

1. Is licenced and insured. This shows that the auto buyer & wrecker is one that is a professional business in the community.
2. Lists their physical address on their site. Having their physical address listed on their site shows that the company is legitimate.
3. Offers the type of services that are convenient.

So, what type of services should you look for?

You’ll want a company that offers:

Free scrap car removals: If you don’t have a means to transport your vehicle, you don’t want to have to pay a towing company. Car removal companies that offer Free Scrap Car Removals in your local area offer the convenience of saving on towing. Choose a company that provides these services.
Cash for car payments: The majority of car removal companies will make instant cash payments on vehicles they remove. If you choose one that does not, you might want to think about finding another provider.
Paperwork provided: Always deal with a company that provides all the necessary paperwork. This eliminates any stress that you will be liable for the auto once it is sold.

What You Need to Provide

  • The details of your vehicle
  • If you accept the company’s offer, you’ll then need:
  • To sign over the scrap certificate or title of ownership
  • Photo ID

Remove the plates to your vehicle. With that, you can have your vehicle sold and cash in your hand.

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